Top 5 Tips For Packing And Storage

Whether you are going to move to another address or are planning the much-anticipated renovation or expansion of your home or office, you need to look for the best storage facilities to house your precious belongings. After all, your things are very valuable and some of them most likely hold a sentimental meaning.

When moving your belongings to your indoor storage unit, such as those provided by Permian Self Storage, you need to make sure that all your belongings are properly stored. In case you find yourself in need of some packing and storing tips, here are some that we’ve curated just for you!

1. Label each box as you pack

You will need to keep track of what’s being kept inside your boxes as you pack, that’s why labels should always be handy. Doing so lets you keep track of where your things belong, not only to benefit you but also to make things easier for other people who will help you in storing or organising your items in your public storage unit. Also, consider labelling more than one side so that is can be visible, regardless of how you pack your unit.

A quick tip, do not forget to write down fragile or breakable on your storage boxes. This will inform you and other people handling your storage boxes as to what to be extra careful with.

2. Use packaging materials

The best packaging materials to use for storing? Cartons, tape, and bubble wrap. Cartons or corrugated cardboards are best to use for carrying a wide variety of items, to protect objects inside against moisture, and to provide sustainable packaging solutions. Additionally, cartons are very customisable and quite cost-effective.

Meanwhile, with tape, the best type to use for moving boxes inside storage units is shipping tape, for its thin and sturdy form that’s water-resistant and very sticky, masking tape for labelling, and duct tape for reinforcing heavy boxes.

Lastly, for highly fragile and breakable items, it is recommended that bubble wrap be used in order to provide your items with the necessary cushion that will prevent them from getting damaged.

3. Do not overfill boxes

Make sure that you only fill your boxes to their optimal capacity. Overfilling will likely damage the items inside it, and you would not like your things to get all smashed up, right? Make sure you only fill your boxes to their optimal capacity as overfilling may be likely to cause damage to your precious belongings packed inside. To make sure that all your boxes are properly filled and that you have enough room for your things, prepare an extra number of storage boxes. It also helps to choose a spacious self-storage facility that will enable you to add more storage boxes if necessary.

4. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes

A common misconception is that heavy items should be packed in larger boxes. That is not true, and it can be very impractical. Since the item’s mass compromises the integrity and stability of a box, using large boxes will just make it difficult for the movers to carry it, increasing the risk of it causing injuries or getting damaged itself. For the safety of your things as well as the movers that will assist you, go with more compact storage boxes for your larger or heavier items.

5 . Pack books flat

Did you know that arranging your books with the spine facing the bottom causes damage to the binding? Your books, being great holders of knowledge and memories, need to be packed properly.

First off, choose quality boxes to pack your books in and make sure these boxes have not been used to store food and other perishables. Then, lay your books flat with the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. If you see some spaces between the books, you can use bubble wrap to fill the gaps and prevent them from getting tossed around.

If you need more informative tips about storing and packaging, feel free to send Permian Self Storage in Wollongong a message today. We provide local storage units that are secure, clean, and dry servicing the areas of Wollongong, Fairy Meadow, Corrimal, Keiraville, Gwynneville & Mt Ousley.


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