How To Protect Your Items In Storage

Before moving items to your chosen self storage unit, it is vital to pack them correctly so they can withstand humidity, changes in weather, and other uncontrollable factors.

To help with ensuring the protection of your valuables, below are some tips that the Permian Self Storage team have come up with for you.

Make sure to clean your items

Since you’ll be storing your items in indoor storage units, it must be ensured that anything that might compromise your goods in storage will not destroy your items. Whilst we take all necessary precautions with regular maintenance it is still important to clean and disinfect the entire surface and crevices present. Mould and mildew thrive in moist spots, so allot enough time to dry items before putting them inside the boxes.

Plan thoroughly

Preparation is crucial to protect your items while they’re in storage. You need to choose the right size of boxes, properly arrange the items according to their differing qualities, and avoid including perishable items, liquids, explosives, flammable materials, and toxic goods.

Appropriate storage spaces

Since spaces are limited, you need to maximise them to fit your items without compromising the conditions. Stack items based on weight and size. Put the heaviest at the lower part then stack the fragile items above the sturdier ones. It is always advisable to stack items vertically to make them immediately visible.

Aside from arranging your items in order, placing the priority and more urgently needed ones closer to the entrance avoid the inconvenience in looking for them. Also, don’t forget to allocate adequate spaces between items for ventilation and access.

Check your items

Aside from arranging the items properly, it is important to visit the storage unit regularly to check on the condition of your items. Although it might be easy to store your goods and forget about them, regularly checking in on your items is one of the best forms of protection for your goods. Choosing local storage units nearby makes it more convenient for you to do a regular inventory of your items.

Create an inventory

When we talk about protecting your items, creating an inventory is often overlooked. But before doing the tally, remember to label all items accordingly. Creating an inventory is useful for two reasons. Firstly, an inventory can help you know exactly what is in your storage unit before digging around the house. Secondly, a larger importance of an inventory is to ensure that you are aware of the quantity of items present in the self storage unit in case of any man-made or natural disasters. As early as now, anticipating these events allow you to take measures that will help lessen damage and probable loss of your material assets.


If you need help in making sure your items are all set for storing, don’t hesitate to contact Permian Self Storage. Our experienced team is here to make sure that your storage experience is safe, stress-free, and secure.

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Organising Your Self Storage Unit

If you need storage, the first thing that you should prioritise is the planning process – starting with sorting your items, labelling them appropriately, and stacking them to fit into the storage facility.

It is an effective way to maximise the available space and efficiently arrange your precious belongings.

As your items will be differing in shapes, sizes, weight, and fragility, organising them in a self-storage unit can be a tricky process. Below we have gathered some suggestions if you’re looking for the best storage facilities.

Create a functional layout

An empty self storage unit requires a functional layout to keep things from getting chaotic. Forming a plan on how to best create a functional layout for your storage unit is useful, as it will help you understand where your items are, without digging through everything.

If you’re moving to another house, for example, the layout will serve as your guide as to how you can segregate items for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and other parts of the house properly. Through this, organising items based on their necessity and own attributes becomes efficient and less time consuming.

If you need some help with creating an appropriate layout based on your storage needs, the friendly team at Permian Self Storage that offer self storage facility services in Wollongong can help.

Pick the right storage boxes

When choosing your storage boxes, it is important to consider their durability, resistance, as the aptness of their size. Picking the right storage box can actually save you so much space, and it helps you prioritise the fragile ones since you can simply group them together in sturdier boxes.

By choosing the right storage boxes and storing your items properly, you can definitely maximise the available space within your storage unit. The Permian Self Storage team have various storage boxes available for purchase. Contact them today for some friendly advice.

Invest in shelving units

Investing in a set of shelving units can help you make the most of your storage unit. They can help you with organising your smaller and more fragile items to avoid any damage, or making your larger, heavier items easier to reach. Shelving units are a good option if you intend on accessing the unit on a regular basis, making your trip to the storage unit a smoother process.

Don’t forget to Label

Putting labels on each item is highly important when organising your self-storage units. Not only does it offer convenience when you’re looking for a particular item, but it also allows you to keep track of your precious belongings. Aside from labelling your items, a better way to become aware of their condition is to regularly visit your storage unit. Given that, it is much better to select local storage units just within your area.

Get that plan started to ensure a well-organised storage unit! If you’re unsure or are having trouble getting your self-storage unit organised, Permian Self Storage in Wollongong is more than ready to help you out. Our expert staff is here to provide you with assistance to ensure a smooth self-storage experience.

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Wollongong University Student’s Guide To Summer Storage

It’s unbelievable isn’t it? Summer is just around the corner! At Permian Self Storage in Wollongong we can’t wait for laying by the pool and walks on the beach too but have you thought about where you’re going to put your supplies until autumn semester?
You could drive your household items back and forth from your parent’s house, or rent a self-storage unit just a few minutes from University of Wollongong! Renting a self-storage unit with Permian is an easy, cost-efficient way for students to store all their belongings over the summer holidays. Below we’ve compiled all the questions you may have before moving-in with us.

What storage unit do I need?

At Permian, we have 3 options for summer storage which you can choose from depending on how much you need to store:

1. Your own space – Pack and store your own goods into a storage space.

2. A shared space – Get a space with friends. Pack and store together (4 people).

3. A communal space – You pack your boxes, we collect them and store them in a secure shared space for you.

Or, you may like more info on choosing the right storage unit.

How much does summer storage cost for a Wollongong Uni Student?

Our 3 affordable prices are as follows:

1. Your own space – Starting from 1 cubic metre space for $35 per month

2. A shared space – Starting from 7 cubic metres from $30 per person per month

3. A communal space – From $10 per box/bag/item per month

Why should I rent a storage unit?

If you are an international student, live far from home or are going on holidays for the summer this is an option for you. We highly recommend you choose one of our storage options. Renting a storage unit saves the money and time needed to transport your belongings back home. If you are renting your own or shared space, we will give you our moving truck and trailers for free and if you rent a communal space we will come and pick up your items so you don’t have to worry about how your going to move. Once you get here, our forklift drivers will be more than happy to assist with moving your items upstairs just ask our friendly staff when you arrive!

Sounds awesome! How do rent a unit?

If you’re looking at your own unit or sharing one with friends, simply fill in an Agreement with our friendly staff, show your ID, pay and pack your things in. You lock the space and keep the key so you can access it as often as you would like within our office hours. If you’re looking at a communal space, you will need to know how many boxes you need and your departure and arrival dates so we can deliver your boxes to you. Please have the money and full boxes ready to be picked up on your elected departure date.
If you’re ready to experience the benefits of summer storage please contact us or drop in to 100 Montague St, North Wollongong.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Benefits of Indoor Units

Indoor storage units provide many options, however, most people immediately go straight to an outdoor unit when presented the choice. Opting for the drive up option of a ground level unit, so not to carry things very far. If you are moving furniture or plan to access your belongings regularly, then a outdoor unit is most likely for you. If not, maybe it’s time to consider another alternative.

The Benefits

Indoor units provide a lot of advantages most people don’t know about. One of the main benefits being the environmental protection it provides, especially if they are second level. Compared to outside units, which receive more heat and dust exposure, inside units are completely enclosed and therefore are not as prone to dirt. This means your belongings are more likely to remain cleaner and be accessible rain, hail or shine.
Additionally the range of sizes available in internal units allows you to specifically decide the one best for you. With this flexibility it really is easy to customise your experience in choosing a unit to suit you individual needs, whether it’s storing season items such as surf boards or snow gear, or for business stock with shelving holding product for multiple employees. You can also switch units at any time if your storage requirements change, allowing us to customise your storage needs to you.

At Permian Self Storage

On site, in addition to our outdoor units, we have Wollongong self storage units based inside a building that opens into hallways where everything is fully enclosed, allowing you to access your goods no matter the weather. We also have second and third level units that add that extra layer of protection between your goods and the elements by placing them further in the building.
Now I know what you’re thinking. “I can’t carry everything up the stairs, that’s too difficult!” Well here at Permian we have a forklift driver on site at all times that can bring your items to you, so it takes away a lot of the stress of getting your possessions up to your unit.
We also have a building that has an automated lift, where you needn’t worry about the availability of the forklift driver, and you can work at your own pace. This is a fantastic feature if you’re planning on storing for a long period of time as it allows you to pack and sort your goods with the extra layer of safety and security, knowing you’re in control.

What’s available?

There is a huge variety of sizes on offer from something as small as 1m3 to 24m3 and even 37m3 second level balcony units. Smaller internal units allow for all those household items or documents to stay secured and clean until you need them next. Larger units allow you to store bigger items like furniture and mattresses, with room to move around and arrange everything for you to see and retrieve. Interested in what sizes we have available? Click here.
You can access your items as much or as little as you like within our opening hours. You secure a lock, which you can buy here or bring your own, and keep the key. That means you and whoever you give permission to enter are the only ones that can get into your unit.

How you get one

All you need to do is contact our friendly staff and talk to them about what size unit you would need. The best way to approximate though is come to the facility to see the units, where it is easier to imagine your stored goods when standing in the space. You can sign up and move in on the day and if you find that you didn’t choose the right size, no need to worry as you can switch to a bigger or smaller unit as you need it.
If you’re ready to experience the benefits of an internal unit please contact us or drop into our office at 100 Montague St, North Wollongong.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why your business needs a self storage unit


1. Permian Self-storage provides a consistent flat cost

If you rent a unit with Permian Self Storage in Wollongong the price per month is a flat rate so you don’t have to worry about anything else. If you were to lease a warehouse you might have additional costs such as electricity, water, even cleaning fees. 

2. Permian Self-storage has no lock in contracts

At Permian Self Storage Wollongong we recognise that businesses change, so can cancel your unit rental at any time with no cancellation fee. Also, if you wish to up-size or downsize your unit we can do that for you easily at no cost. Interested in options? Have a look at our unit sizes. If you were to lease a warehouse independently you’d likely be stuck with a certain size, cost and time-frame.

3. Permian Self-storage gives you more flexibility 

Now, we hope that your business grows and becomes more successful, so at Permian Self Storage we can upgrade you to a bigger unit for free, only pay the monthly difference in rental fee. The same goes if you need to downsize. This will maximise your cash-flow and and lower stress levels!

4. Permian Self Storage supports your business

At Permian we have forklift drivers on site within business hours to help load your goods in and out as well as put any deliveries into your unit. You don’t need to be here when deliveries arrive we will do it all for you, ready to be picked up at your leisure.

5. Permian Self Storage offers strong security

If you were to rent your own warehouse you may need to put in an alarm system or pay for security however at Permian Self Storage in Wollongong the fixed monthly cost includes our CCTV Security system and surveillance. All units require a lock that only you can open and some of our units are alarmed and can only be accessed with a unique access code.
If you’re ready to experience the benefits of business self-storage please contact us or drop into 100 Montague St, North Wollongong.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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