Exciting New Facility Upgrade!


We have implemented a new sign-in system to enhance security here at the Permian self storage facility in Wollongong.
From now on a new automatic gate is in operation which is activated by individual pin-codes. This means that every client needs their own unique pin-code which replaces your old sign-in sheets.

From July 2019:

– Every client is expected to use their unique pin-code to access and leave the facility. If you do not have one by now, one will be generated for you and ID may be required before we give you that code.
– If more than one person will be regularly accessing the unit or parking space, they will need their own pin-code.
– Please ensure your access list is updated. If someone comes in to the facility without a pin-code and they are not on your access list, they will be denied access.
– Access hours will remain the same.
– Staff (and the lollies) will still be in the office during business hours if you need help, would like a chat or cup of tea!

Please remember that this gate has been built to enhance security for both Permian and for yourself. You will no longer be able to drive-in without being recorded.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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