How To Protect Your Items In Storage

Before moving items to your chosen self storage unit, it is vital to pack them correctly so they can withstand humidity, changes in weather, and other uncontrollable factors.

To help with ensuring the protection of your valuables, below are some tips that the Permian Self Storage team have come up with for you.

Make sure to clean your items

Since you’ll be storing your items in indoor storage units, it must be ensured that anything that might compromise your goods in storage will not destroy your items. Whilst we take all necessary precautions with regular maintenance it is still important to clean and disinfect the entire surface and crevices present. Mould and mildew thrive in moist spots, so allot enough time to dry items before putting them inside the boxes.

Plan thoroughly

Preparation is crucial to protect your items while they’re in storage. You need to choose the right size of boxes, properly arrange the items according to their differing qualities, and avoid including perishable items, liquids, explosives, flammable materials, and toxic goods.

Appropriate storage spaces

Since spaces are limited, you need to maximise them to fit your items without compromising the conditions. Stack items based on weight and size. Put the heaviest at the lower part then stack the fragile items above the sturdier ones. It is always advisable to stack items vertically to make them immediately visible.

Aside from arranging your items in order, placing the priority and more urgently needed ones closer to the entrance avoid the inconvenience in looking for them. Also, don’t forget to allocate adequate spaces between items for ventilation and access.

Check your items

Aside from arranging the items properly, it is important to visit the storage unit regularly to check on the condition of your items. Although it might be easy to store your goods and forget about them, regularly checking in on your items is one of the best forms of protection for your goods. Choosing local storage units nearby makes it more convenient for you to do a regular inventory of your items.

Create an inventory

When we talk about protecting your items, creating an inventory is often overlooked. But before doing the tally, remember to label all items accordingly. Creating an inventory is useful for two reasons. Firstly, an inventory can help you know exactly what is in your storage unit before digging around the house. Secondly, a larger importance of an inventory is to ensure that you are aware of the quantity of items present in the self storage unit in case of any man-made or natural disasters. As early as now, anticipating these events allow you to take measures that will help lessen damage and probable loss of your material assets.


If you need help in making sure your items are all set for storing, don’t hesitate to contact Permian Self Storage. Our experienced team is here to make sure that your storage experience is safe, stress-free, and secure.


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