Removalists vs Truck/Trailer Hire


Whether you’re moving to a new house, moving overseas or just need some extra space to store those excess items, the time has come, and you have decided to rent a self storage unit. Big or small, how will you get your items to your new storage unit? Will it be through hiring removalists or taking advantage of our complimentary truck and trailer hire*. However, you decide to move your precious belongings, here are some tips for both in determining which is better for you.


There are five main reasons to consider when deciding whether hiring a removalist is the right fit for you.

Cost – In some areas, hiring removalist companies can be expensive, but due to the vast competition especially in metro areas, competitive pricing can help you and your moving efforts.

Convenience – Hiring removalist companies means you are hiring professional movers who have done moves time and time again. The majority of removalist companies’ complete fitness and health checks to ensure safety for all. They also have the equipment and training to be able to lift and manage large and heavy items.

Time – As mentioned before removalists companies do this time and time again, so they get it done quickly and efficiently.

Trust – Trusting strangers with your beloved and sentimental items can be a tricky task, however there is one important component to help trust removalists. Do your research. Ask around for recommendations, looking at the reviews and understanding the overall reputation of the removalist company. Doing your own research will ensure you are getting the value for money you deserve, and you paid for.

Insurance – Most removalist companies are insured, giving you peace of mind that your goods will be protected, if anything should go wrong.

Truck/Trailer Hire

If you have access to a truck or trailer or, are a customer of Permian Self Storage and can use our complimentary truck and trailer service*, you may find it best for you and your moving needs to do it yourself. There are definite pros to doing it yourself involving cost, control and doing it on your timeline. So, if you do believe this is the right fit for you here’s some tips on how to complete the move effectively and efficiently.

  • Dissemble large items
  • Getting help from family or friends to help lift the heavy stuff
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom so lighter and/or more fragile items can sit on top
  • Making sure you have the right moving equipment, for example; a dolly or trolley
  • Safely secure all items and protect them with plastic tarp or blankets while in transit
  • Take breaks, drink lots of water and lift with your legs

The Hybrid Move

Stuck between deciding which removal technique is right for you; the hybrid move could be the right option for you.

The hybrid move combines both removalist companies and do-it-yourself truck/trailer hire, to suit all your moving requirements. If you are uneasy about moving large, heavy items than hiring a removalist company and then you have the option to transport your more precious, sentimental items yourself. Moving your personal items is a tough job, so tailoring your move to suit your needs can have the best outcome overall.

Are you looking for help planning your move and selecting the right self storage for your needs? Contact the team today at Permian Self Storage in Wollongong and let us assist you.

*Truck hire is only complimentary for one use only and trailer hire is always complimentary for Permian Self Storage Customers.


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