Storage Services

Need Storage?

Need extra space because

  • You’re moving, renovating or going away?
  • There’s just not enough room at home?
  • You want to park your bike, car or van?
  • Your business is re-organising or expanding and needs extra space?


To determine the storage type that is right for you –

  • Write a list of what you are planning to store.
  • Will you need to access your goods and if so how often?
  • Do your goods require special access or storage conditions?
  • Consider how long you will want to store your goods.


For more relevant detail choose the option that describes your storage requirements:

  • Home contents and personal items
  • Business
  • Car, Boat, bike, trailer or caravan



  • Self-Storage is often used as a space to secure personal goods until a house move or renovation is complete. And as more of us choose to downsize or live in the city self-storage is being used as a cost effective way of gaining a bit more space. To determine how much storage space you will require make a list of all your items, noting the length of your longest item and the number of items that are particularly large, for example a dining table, mattress, book case, chest of drawers or cabinets. This will help us determine the size of the unit that will best accommodate your items.
  • Access is also a critical part of your decision. So try to decide how often you might need to access your goods and what you might need to access as this impacts how you pack your items into storage.
  • We have a combination of driveway access, ground floor and mezzanine storage units for rent. Understanding your needs helps us find the unit best suited to you.
  • When you move in if you find you don’t have enough space or too much space we are happy to find a unit more suitable for you, this will depend on availability at the time. If you downsize you will receive a credit and if you up size you will be charged the difference.
  • You are always welcome to come and view our storage options and we are more than happy to assist you in determining what size unit will best suit you.
  • In our experience, the better planning that goes into choosing your storage, packing and moving in the more stress free and less exhausting the process is. Think about how much you have to transport to storage. How will you pack you items for storage? Putting your items in boxes is a good way to protect them and to make the transporting and storing of your goods more efficient.
  • If this is your first time using self-storage then we definitely recommend you come and visit us. We will show you around, you can see how the facility works and view your storage and access options. We can also explain to you the general process of Self Storage. If you don’t have time to come but need some help please call us on 4227 1222



As there is no fixed lease, bond, agent or legal fees self-storage is a very cost effective option for business owners. And if your need for space changes then it is very simple and timely to adjust either the size of the unit or time the unit is rented for.

To estimate what type of storage your business could make good use of:

  • List the amount and size of the items you want to store.
  • How often will you need to access your goods?
  • What type of access will you need?
  • Who will access your goods?

Please call us on 4227 1222 if you would like any information, assistance or a quote. We recommend that you visit our site and see for yourself the storage spaces and how we can support you in your business.

We are happy to accept deliveries on your behalf.



Vehicles, boats, bikes, trailers or caravans can all be stored on site. There is an easily accessed designated outside area for the parking of these items. There are also some undercover options as well as regular storage units that cars can be parked in and are completely weather proof.

You can be assured secure fencing protects your property.

Choosing your unit and getting the best use of space possible

  • Using your list of items to be stored determine the size of the longest item (height is not normally an issue) and biggest items you have to store.
  • The longest item will be an important factor in deciding what storage space you need. Knowing the biggest item helps make unit selection easier.
  • To give you an idea a double bed will need a unit that has a minimum length or width of 1.6m. It won’t fit in a 1 metre square unit.
  • Can you dismantle any items for storage? This can significantly reduce space required.
  • If some items will be stored in boxes, imagine how many boxes you think you will need.
  • Boxes make stacking and packing easier, both in storage and transporting. Use smaller boxes for heavy or delicate items and larger ones for bulky awkward items. Bags are a good way to protect items but they are not good for stacking.
  • Use good quality packing materials to keep your goods safe.
  • How you pack and arrange your unit will effect how easy it is to access goods in your unit.
  • Place the items you think you might need to access at the front of your unit or keep some space free for walking between items.
  • Be tidy when you take things in and out of your unit.
  • Can you stack your goods?
  • Can you put items on top of tables/fridges or other large items. This will help you make the most out of the unit’s area and volume.
  • If you want to store a vehicle how long, high and wide is your van, car, boat, trailer?
  • Do your items to be stored need special consideration, for example archives or wine? Consider using shelving as might be the best option.

How to get started and secure the space you want

How to begin

  • Phone or visit us to discuss the best storage option for you.
  • We always recommend you view your unit before you sign the contract.
  • You will need to complete a Storage Agreement. The initial storage period, generally 1 month, is paid in advance and then you will be ready to begin moving in.
  • We advise that if your goods are worth storing then they are probably worth insuring. Discuss your options with us.
  • The unit is yours for as long as you require it. You can stay for as long or as short a period as suits your needs.
  • We ask for one weeks notice when moving out. An email notifying us of your intention to vacate is sufficient.
  • There are savings and benefits if you choose to pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.
  • You can make a payment by EFT, cash, or credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard.



At Permian Self-Storage we focus on providing our customers with great service experience. We understand that moving in or out of any location is usually hard work and sometimes an unfamiliar or daunting task. Here are some of the ways we’d like to help you.

FREE USE of our trailers and trollies when you are moving in or out. Your vehicle will need a tow ball to tow the trailer. Our trailer has high sides and is a good way to move larger items like beds, desks, white goods, set of drawers, book cases.

Please call our office to book in the time you would like to use the trailer

We have a furniture (pantec) truck that is free to use to move your goods into storage. It is also available for hire during the storage period. The truck is fully enclosed making it weather proof and has ropes and blankets to assist with securing your load. The truck also has a tail lift and 24hour Road Service Assistance. The truck is automatic and is able to be driven with a current driver’s licence.

Hire is for distances within the Illawarra region, please speak with us if further distance is required.

For any damage caused while being used there is an excess $2,000

We are happy to suggest removalists that other clients have had a positive experience with.


Suggestions and Handy tips for your move

Insurance for goods stored

A range of boxes, wrapping, tape and marker pens for sale. It is inevitable when you store goods you will need boxes, protective material, tape and marker pens.

Normally self-storage units are packed to make best use of the space available. This often means packing items on top of each other. Also often items being moved into storage need some sort of protection such as delicate items, dining tables and mattresses. For your convenience we offer a range of items that should cover most of the things you will need to pack wisely and efficiently.

You can start by buying only the bare minimum you think you will need to get started and then purchase more as you work out what items best suit your purpose.

Personal conveniences, bathrooms and wash areas, are available on site.



Goods stored at self-storage facilities are not necessarily covered by your existing insurance policy. You will need to check the status of your policy with your insurer. Because of the standard of our facilities and security some insurance policies will automatically cover your goods but this needs to be confirmed by your insurer.

If your goods are not covered by your existing insurance policy (check this with your insurer) and you would like to insure your goods we can offer it to you.


The insurer is Midland Insurance

Insurance is dependent on the value of your goods. This is a minimum 3 monthly charge.

All insurance claims are made directly by you to Midlands Insurance on 03 9349 2733.

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