Choosing Your Storage Unit

Choosing your Wollongong self storage unit

How do you get the best use of space possible?

  • Using your list of items to be stored determine the size of the longest item (height is not normally an issue) and biggest items you have to store.
  • The longest item will be an important factor in deciding what storage space you need. Knowing the biggest item helps make unit selection easier.
  • To give you an idea a double bed will need a unit that has a minimum length or width of 1.6m. It won’t fit in a 1 metre square unit.
  • Can you dismantle any items for storage? This can significantly reduce space required.
  • If some items will be stored in boxes, imagine how many boxes you think you will need.
  • Boxes make stacking and packing easier, both in storage and transporting. Use smaller boxes for heavy or delicate items and larger ones for bulky awkward items. Bags are a good way to protect items but they are not good for stacking.
  • Use good quality packing materials to keep your goods safe.
  • How you pack and arrange your unit will effect how easy it is to access goods in your unit.
  • Place the items you think you might need to access at the front of your unit or keep some space free for walking between items.
  • Be tidy when you take things in and out of your unit.
  • Can you stack your goods?
  • Can you put items on top of tables/fridges or other large items. This will help you make the most out of the unit’s area and volume.
  • If you want to store a vehicle how long, high and wide is your van, car, boat, trailer?
  • Do your items to be stored need special consideration, for example archives or wine? Consider using shelving as might be the best option.

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