Handy Tips

General Tips

  • Label all boxes, consider labeling more than one side so that is can be visible, regardless of how you pack your unit
  • Use packaging materials (cartons, paper, tape and bubble wrap)
  • Try not to overfill boxes that include heavy items, instead pack heavy items in smaller boxes
  • To prevent damage, pack books flat to avoid the books from warping and the pages bending.


  • Handle each item with care
  • Wrap each item individually with protective covering and label accordingly
  • When storing TVs, store them in the upright position and protect with bubble wrap
  • Remove batteries from all electronics to avoid damage to your goods.


  • Empty items from all wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
  • Use covers or drop sheets for protection
  • Remove legs from tables/beds etc to save space in your unit
  • When dissembling furniture place all screws, bolts, and other small parts in sealable plastic bags and attach them to the furniture they came from.


  • All white goods should be empty, clean and dry before storing
  • Fridge/Freezer doors should be secured slightly ajar to air and prevent mould or mildew
  • Deodorise your white goods to avoid unpleasant odours, placing a dish of coffee or baking soda are a great solution for absorbing nasty smells
  • Do not store food and perishable items.

Crockery / Glassware

  • Pack items into smaller boxes for smaller, lighter and sturdier loads
  • Stand platters, saucers, plates etc. on their edge, whilst nesting bowls and cups together
  • Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper (avoid newspaper as print may transfer) additionally, use to fill any gaps
  • Place a layer of packing material at the top and bottom of boxes containing fragile items and placing these boxes on top of heavier boxes.


  • Clothing and personal items should be stored in airtight plastic containers to avoid pests and unwanted bacteria
  • Use protective substances for example mothballs, lavender and naphthalene for extra care
  • To reduce mould forming, clothing items should be clean and dry when placed into storage.

Things Not To Store

Due to legal reasons and the health and safety of all our clients at Permian Self Storage, there are certain items and materials that are prohibited when storing items in a storage unit. Whether you have rented a storage unit or not you might not be aware of these limitations.

The following items and materials are prohibited at Permian Self Storage.

Combustible, Explosive or Toxic Materials

In your storage unit, you must not keep anything that may be considered dangerous. These items include but are not limited to; gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen tanks, kerosene, motor oil, corrosive acids, fertilizer, paint, toxic/biological waste, fireworks, ammunition etc.

Perishable Food

Storing food in your unit can attract unwanted rodents and pests, that can damage other surrounding items. Although Permian Self Storage have various systems in place to maintain a pest free environment, there is only so much we can do to avoid infestation. As well as attracting unwanted pests, storing perishable food items will emit a foul odour once spoiled which can be absorbed by additional items in your storage unit and can cause concern to the health and safety of fellow Permian Self Storage clients.

Vehicles and Tires

At Permian Self Storage we have the means to store your vehicle at our secured facility, on the provision that a copy of registration and proof of insurance has been provided and the vehicle is in working condition. However, the storage of unregistered and outdated vehicles is prohibited, unless are deemed as a vintage vehicle and/or hold considerable value.

In addition, the storage of tyres is also prohibited.


Plants, pots and soil, should not be placed into storage units as they run the risk of developing mildew or fungus problems that could spread to additional parts of the unit, as well as ultimately killing the plants.

Suspicious Items

Illegal substances, stolen items and weapons should not be included in your storage unit.

These items should not be stored due to legality and the health and safety of all our clients at Permian Self Storage. If you have any questions and/or concerns about the items you wish to store, please do not hesitate in contacting us today.

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