Handy Tips

General Tips

Label each box as you pack
Use packaging materials (cartons, paper, tape and bubble wrap)
Do not overfill boxes
Pack heavy items in smaller boxes
Pack books flat


Handle with care
Wrap items individually
TVs should be protected with bubble wrap and stored upright
Remove batteries to avoid damage to your goods


Empty wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
Use covers or drop sheets
Remove legs from tables / beds etc to save space
Clothing and personal items should in secure cartons with mothballs, lavender, naphthalene etc


White goods should be clean and dry
Fridge/Freezer doors should be secured slightly ajar to air
Keep fridges and freezers empty
Do not store food

Crockery / Glassware

Pack items into smaller cartons
Stand platters, saucers, plates etc. on edge
Nest bowls and cups
Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper (avoid newspaper)
Avoid storing heavy items on fragile items
When packing, use scrunched up paper/linen to fill any gaps
Place a layer of packing at the bottom and top of cartons containing breakables

Vehicles, Mowers & Machinery

Drain fuel and oil
Disconnect batteries

Things Not To Store

While we extend a lot of flexibility to our customers regarding what you can store in your unit, there are a lot of things that are prohibited for the sake of legality, and health and safety. If you have never rented with a storage facility before, you might not be aware of these limitations.

The following items are prohibited from storage at Permian Self Storage in North Wollongong…

Combustible, Explosive or Toxic Materials

For very obvious reasons concerning health and safety, you cannot keep anything that might be dangerous to your storage unit or others in the vicinity, or the building in general.

These items include gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen tanks, kerosene, motor oil, corrosive acids, fertilizer, paint, toxic/biological waste, fireworks, ammunition etc.

Perishable Food

While food is not going to burn the unit down, it will attract a lot of rodents and pests, which might, in turn, damage other items. Although we try our best to maintain a pest free environment, we can only do so much to keep an infestation in check.

In addition, some food items will emit a foul odour as they spoil which might become absorbed by other items such as clothing.

Vehicles and Tires

While you can keep a vehicle in storage, you will have to provide a registration record, proof of insurance and ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition.

However, we do not allow the storage of unregistered and outdated vehicles unless they are vintage and are of some considerable value. In addition, the storing of tyres is also prohibited.

Running Appliances

Of course, you can put your toaster, refrigerator, freezer, generator, heater in storage but they must be disconnected, as should all other electronics that run on batteries or other kinds of energy. Refrigerators and freezers must be clean and empty when put into storage, and the doors left open. If you wish to have them running while in storage please discuss this with us.

Animals & Plants

Do not store your garden plants or pets.

Soiled or Damp Goods

Because of the humid climate in this area, mould will easily grow while your goods are in storage.  To reduce the incidence of mould forming, goods should be clean and dry when put into storage.  We also recommend that you use moisture absorbent packs, and check and change them regularly as if they remain full in your shed, this will increase the level of humidity in your shed and, in turn increase the possibility of mould forming.

There might be other items which we would discourage from storing.  If you have any concerns at all about the items you wish to store, please discuss them with us.

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