Service and Insurance

Service and Insurance


At Permian Self-Storage we focus on providing our customers with great service experience. We understand that moving in or out of any location is usually hard work and sometimes an unfamiliar or daunting task. Here are some of the ways we’d like to help you.

FREE USE of our trailers and trollies when you are moving in or out. Your vehicle will need a tow ball to tow the trailer. Our trailer has high sides and is a good way to move larger items like beds, desks, white goods, set of drawers, book cases.

Please call our office to book in the time you would like to use the trailer

We have a furniture (pantec) truck that is free to use to move your goods into storage. It is also available for hire during the storage period. The truck is fully enclosed making it weather proof and has ropes and blankets to assist with securing your load. The truck also has a tail lift and 24hour Road Service Assistance. The truck is automatic and is able to be driven with a current driver’s licence.

Hire is for distances within the Illawarra region, please speak with us if further distance is required.

For any damage caused while being used there is an excess $2,000

We are happy to suggest removalists that other clients have had a positive experience with.


Suggestions and Handy tips for your move

Insurance for goods stored

A range of boxes, wrapping, tape and marker pens for sale. It is inevitable when you store goods you will need boxes, protective material, tape and marker pens.

Normally self-storage units are packed to make best use of the space available. This often means packing items on top of each other. Also often items being moved into storage need some sort of protection such as delicate items, dining tables and mattresses. For your convenience we offer a range of items that should cover most of the things you will need to pack wisely and efficiently.

You can start by buying only the bare minimum you think you will need to get started and then purchase more as you work out what items best suit your purpose.

Personal conveniences, bathrooms and wash areas, are available on site.



Goods stored at self-storage facilities are not necessarily covered by your existing insurance policy. You will need to check the status of your policy with your insurer. Because of the standard of our facilities and security some insurance policies will automatically cover your goods but this needs to be confirmed by your insurer.

If your goods are not covered by your existing insurance policy (check this with your insurer) and you would like to insure your goods we can offer it to you.


The insurer is Midland Insurance

Insurance is dependent on the value of your goods. This is a minimum 3 monthly charge.

All insurance claims are made directly by you to Midlands Insurance on 03 9349 2733.

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