Self Storage Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Having insurance for your things stored in a public storage unit will definitely help you in lots of ways, whether you plan on keeping them there for a short- or long-term basis. Before you store your treasured items in a self-storage facility in Wollongong, you need to check the status of your policy with your insurer.

Goods stored at self-storage facilities are not necessarily covered by your existing insurance policy. This doesn’t mean you should go without it. Here are some reasons why you need insurance cover when your items are being stored.

Highly Sentimental Items Need Extra Security

A good reason why you are keeping your things in local storage units while you renovate or move home may be because the items hold high sentimental (and even monetary) value. Worry less about the safety of these items when moving when you have insurance.

Most insurance companies do not usually insure very expensive items such as jewellery or art. Storage facilities, like Permian Self Storage, recommend you not store any items that hold sentimental or high monetary value. So, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to discuss your options if you are planning to put your valuables in storage, or we can organise a quote for you through our insurance brokers, Midlands Insurance.

Extreme Weather Conditions Are Unpredictable

We take great care in ensuring our self storage options are well maintained and looked after.,however, Natural disasters happen and are outside of our control. These can include heatwaves, bushfires, droughts, floods, severe storms and tropical cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides.

So, whenever you are planning to rent an indoor storage units, make sure that you have the researched your options and have attained the right information to make sure you are option of getting the correct type of insurance cover. Why? So that in case an extreme weather-induced incident or natural disaster wreaks havoc in your area, you will have something to make up for the value of your goods.

Once again, make sure you check with your insurance company as some do not include reparation if a flood occurs, so make sure to check and read your policy carefully. There are special flood insurance providers that you can contact if you do not have one.

Crimes Can Happen

Reputable local storage units like Permian Self Storage in Wollongong follow strict protocol in terms of security measures. Although there are state-of-the-art surveillance and control systems around these storage rooms, burglary and theft can still happen on the very rare occasion. Having insurance helps provide cost coverage in cases like this.

Entrusting your things to a self-storage facility should definitely be not taken lightly. When it comes to storing your valuables, you’ll sleep better at night knowing that your insurance policy has your back in case anything happens to them.


If you plan on using Permian Self Storage in Wollongong for your storage needs, check the status of your insurance policy with your insurer. Due to the high standards of our facilities and our security measures, some insurance policies will automatically cover your goods, but note that this needs to be confirmed by your insurer.

In case your goods are not covered by an existing insurance policy and you would like them to be, we can discuss some options with you. Contact us to organise a quote and let us help you with your local storage needs.


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