UOW Summer Storage 2019/2020


Aaaaaannnnddd here we are again. Summer is on its way! Have you thought about where you’re going to put your supplies until next year? UOW Summer Storage could be the best option for you.

You could drive your household items back and forth from your parent’s house, or rent a self-storage unit just a few minutes from University of Wollongong! Renting a self-storage unit with Permian is an easy, cost-efficient way for students to store all their belongings over the summer holidays. Below we’ve compiled all the questions you may have before moving-in with us.

Why should I rent a storage unit?

If you are an international student, live far from home or are going on holidays for the summer this is an option for you. We highly recommend you choose one of our storage options. Renting a storage unit saves the money and time needed to transport your belongings back home. If you are renting a unit, you can use our moving truck and trailers for free while you move-in. If you rent a communal space we will come and pick up your items so you don’t have to worry about how your going to move. Once you get here, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist in any way we can.

What storage unit do I need?

At Permian, we have 3 options for Summer Storage which you can choose from depending on how much you need to store:

1. A communal space – You pack your boxes, we collect them and store them in a secure shared space for you. Only Permian Self Storage staff will have access.

2. Your own space – Pack and store your own goods into a small storage space.

3. A shared space – Get a larger space with friends. Pack and store together (2+ people).

How much does Summer Storage cost?

Our 3 affordable prices are as follows:

1. A communal space – From $11 per box/bag/item per month. Boxes are available for purchase at Permian for $2 each.

2. Your own space – Starting from 1 cubic metre space for $35 per month

3. A shared space – Starting from $60 per month

Sounds awesome! How do rent a unit?

If you’re looking at your own unit or sharing one with friends, simply fill in an Agreement with our friendly staff, show your photo ID, pay and pack your things in. You lock the space and keep the key so you can access it as often as you would like within our office hours. If you’re looking at a communal space, you will need to know how many boxes you need and your departure and arrival dates so we can deliver your boxes to you. Please have the money and full boxes ready to be picked up on your elected departure date.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of summer storage please don’t hesitate to contact us to nominate your preferred option.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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